Now that we have successfully implemented the plan for the stream cleanup project, funded in part by the City of Madison Neighborhood Improvement Grant, it is time to think about what the next neighborhood grant project should be.  We can apply for the city grant every year and while approval is not guaranteed, it is worth a shot.


Do you have an idea for what our next application for the Neighborhood Improvement grant should be?  Let us know.


As a background:  The grant cannot be used for maintenance (e.g., repave the walkways) , the grant is typically between $2000-5000, and the city wants the grant to help build community and improve the neighborhood.  According to the application, eligible projects include:  “Projects/activities that will improve the appearance and livability of the neighborhood’s public spaces such as streetscapes, gateways, and neighborhood business areas. Projects and activities are generally high visibility, capital projects that can be undertaken and completed in a short period of time.”  In the past they have approved proposals for art projects, community gardens, or creating public meeting places.


Since the last grant was used to improve the stream on the west side of the neighborhood, it would be great to think of a project on the east side of the neighborhood.  The neighborhood board will do the legwork of putting together the grant application, we would like feedback from neighbors as to what that project should be. If you have suggestions for projects we should consider/ research, please let us know.