The City of Madison sent out information about their city-wide proposed land use changes.  From their message to the Neighborhood Board:

The City of Madison is requesting input for the Future Land Use Map in its Comprehensive Plan as part of the Imagine Madison The Planning Division is preparing materials for Phase 2 of Imagine Madison, for which land use will be a key component. The Comprehensive Plan Update will include a Future Land Use Map that shows planned land uses for currently developed areas and anticipated growth areas on the edge of the City.  The map guides how and where the City grows.  In order to ensure that the Comprehensive Plan is an accurate expression of community land use goals, a process has been established for considering potential changes to the map.


The Planning Division will accept change requests regarding the Future Land Use Map through March 31. It is preferred that requests be submitted online at Staff will review comments and evaluate requests to create an Initial Draft of the Future Land Use Map, which will be presented for a two-month public comment period beginning in late April. A Final Draft of the Future Land Use Map will be presented to the City’s Plan Commission in July.

What does that mean for our area?  The short version is – eventually houses are likely to be built to the northwest of the neighborhood (where the quarry is) and the east of the neighborhood (where the field is).  However, this is just the early plan and potential changes are always possible. If changes are made to the zoning they would most likely be made to the areas in blue below.

Additionally you can see the current zoning plan and the potential for some low density apartments or condos along Siggelkow further to the east (in the location of the farm).

The Neighborhood Board will be submitting a letter to the City indicating our neighborhood’s preference that the areas around the neighborhood remain low density residential housing, and not to make major changes (such as putting in high density apartments).  It is unlikely such a change would be proposed, but it is best to cover our bases just in case so the City officially knows our preference.

The two main areas of growth we can expect around our neighborhood over the next 10 – 20 years are:

  1.  The Quarry to the Northwest of the neighborhood (along Marsh Rd) will likely be mined out in the next 5 – 10 years and eventually that land will be filled in, leveled, and made into residential property.  This will be a long process with lots of opportunities for public input.
  2. The farmland to the east of the Secret Places Neighborhood will eventually become residential housing, while further to the east on Siggelkow there would be some low density apartments, duplexes, and/or condos.  Again, this process will include public input.

Blue areas have potential for change, but according to the City staff, most likely will stay residential:

From the “Imagine Madison” document under discussion:

Potential areas for change

[ Interactive map here ]


The most current zoning plan:

Current neighborhood plan

[ Interactive map here ]


And the old 1999 neighborhood plan:

1999 neighborhood plan

[ Full document here ]

If you have thoughts, questions, or other suggestions as to what you would like to see the neighborhood board do, as always you can contact us here.