Because Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, some neighbors have proposed having the Neighborhood Association suggest neighbors hold their Secret Places Neighborhood Trick-Or-Treat night  on Saturday evening (the 28th) rather than Tuesday evening (the 31st).  Some communities choose to move trick-or-treat night to the weekend prior to Halloween to make it easier for kids and parents to celebrate on a non-school / work night.  However, this would obviously be a change for some people who prefer celebrating things on the 31st, regardless of day of the week.  There are pros and cons to both Tuesday evening and Saturday evening, so we hoped to get feedback from neighbors.  Should there be support for holding the trick-or-treat night on Saturday, we’d devise a plan to help get the word out to every house as it gets closer to Halloween so people are reminded of the change.

If you have thoughts on the idea of neighborhood trick-or-treating on Saturday vs. Tuesday, please let us know: