The stream cleanup effort continues.  Rainy weather had put many of the projects on hold, but this week portions of the lower half of the stream are being weeded and new beneficial plants are being added along the banks as well as lilies into the water.  Not only will they be aesthetically pleasing, their main purpose is to absorb nutrients from the water which cause algae blooms.  They will also help fight erosion.  Aquatic-friendly plants will be added in 100 ft segments over the coming months and years, starting on the lower half where the algae blooms and silt buildup is the greatest.   The overgrown trees/buck-thorn of the lower lake will be removed and replaced with more beneficial aquatic plants as well.  Hopefully this helps stabilize the ecosystem so algae blooms are less common and chemical treatments aren’t needed.

As a reminder, the stream cleanup plan is a multi-year process.  While frustrating that it moves slowly, spreading out the repairs is much more cost effective and can more easily be fit into the existing budget.

The cleanup effort was funded in part by a Neighborhood Improvement Grant from the City of Madison in 2016. We are also applying for grants from Dane County to have plants provided for free through their “Native Pant Program” but boy has that process been slow as molasses.  We’ll keep at it.

In 2017 the neighborhood was awarded with a grant to fund a series of neighborhood events.  We can submit another grant application for 2018 so if you have any thoughts on what our next grant application should be , please let us know!