We’ve asked DSI for some updates on the status of some neighborhood grounds keeping and maintenance updates.  Here is what we know so far:

  • Stream, Ponds, & Waterways cleanup:
    •  The stream is currently off for some maintenance issues.  There have been issues with the circuit breaker that the maintenance team is looking into.
    • As for the long-term cleanup plan for the stream, boy, ‘Plan A’ sure isn’t working. Things look pretty bad.  According to the water experts, the good news is that the water quality itself has actually improved (which is good for the long-run), the bad news is visually things just look pretty gross.  DSI is working with the water specialists to plot out the course for next steps moving forward. This plan will cover not just the stream, but the overflow pond to the north and the separate pond to the east. We’ll update everyone when we know more.
    • In the short-term, DSI is going to look into having the weeds along the stream pulled and hiring someone to ‘skim’ the green scum off the top of the water periodically.  Those two things alone should go a long way in improving the look of things.


  • Repairing the bridges and walking paths:
    • DSI has the contractor lined up to repair the bridges and walking paths that run throughout the neighborhood which should hopefully happen some time this fall.


  • Replanting the flowerbeds:
    • Some of the flowers and plants in the flowerbeds along the paths have died off and should be replanted soon.  Additionally, we should also be able to utilize some free flowers and plants through a grant our neighborhood applied for via Dane County.  The planting should happen around September 10, weather permitting.