•   We understand the need for multi-family housing, our neighbors are organizing to make sure what ends up being built is a good fit for our neighborhood and minimizes the potential negative impacts of a development not executed in a smart way.  Please join our efforts to communicate these concerns with the decision makers in this process.


  • We encourage all neighbors to attend the City of Madison hearings on this development once they are eventually scheduled after the developer introduces their latest draft of the proposal.  The first hearing, (UDC) will have the least opportunity for neighbors to express their thoughts.  But the next two hearings will be the most crucial for large turnout.  The meetings will occur over a month and we should have at least one month’s notice before they occur.
    1.  Urban Design Commission
    2.  Planning Commission
    3. Common Council


How to take action now:

  • If people would like to take action now, neighbors who wish to have their concerns added to the official record of this project to be considered by the committee may send their comments/concerns to Kevin Firchow, City of Madison Planner assigned to this project:  Kfirchow@cityofmadison.com or 608.267.1150 .  Keep in mind the talking points listed below:


  • TALKING POINTS-  The City of Madison may accept or reject a developer’s proposal based on a narrow set of criteria.  Thus, when we voice our concerns to the City, we should try to emphasize concerns that fall into any of the following criteria.The statutes say Madison may approve a development proposal if:
      • The development will not be detrimental to or endanger the public health, safety, or general welfare.
      • The City is able to provide municipal services to the property where the development proposed, given due consideration of the cost of providing those services.
      • The uses, values and enjoyment of other property in the neighborhood for purposes already established will not be substantially impaired or diminished in any foreseeable manner.
      • The development will not impede the normal and orderly development and improvement of the surrounding property for uses permitted in the district.
      • Adequate utilities, access roads, drainage, parking supply, internal circulation improvements, including but not limited to vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, public transit and other necessary site improvements have been or are being provided.
      • Measures have been or will be taken to provide adequate ingress and egress so designed as to minimize traffic congestion and to ensure public safety and adequate traffic flow, both onsite and on the public streets.
      • The development conforms to all applicable regulations of the district in which it is located.


  •  Stay tuned for more information about volunteer opportunities and ways to make our voices heard.  More to come!