Latest Updates:

  • The Wet Well and BioFalls waterfall, which was paid for in part from a grant from the City of Madison, have been installed.




  • The Wet Well pump in the side pond that would connect to a small water feature which would start sucking the mucky water into one corner which could then be removed by maintenance crews once a month (if not more) and that, plus adding more aquatic plants throughout the stream to absorb nutrients, may be enough to get things stabilized again.  If not, then at a later date we can swap in a more expensive Biofilter into the Wet Well / BioFalls system which is designed to absorb even more nutrients.  If that still does not do it, we can add a second Biofilter to the top side pond.
  • The location of the Wet Well and BioFalls fountain is the side pond across from the glacial water feature (the pond just before the final lower big pond).  Initial discussions were to possibly install the Biofilter in the uppermost pond.  However, further analysis determined the water flow would be too fast in that location for the Biofilter to be efficient, and the side ponds would be the best fit.  The lower side pond across from the glacial feature was selected due to its proximity to an existing electrical power source (which makes instillation cheaper) as well as the favorable existing terrain layout.  If the one Biofilter in this location isn’t enough, a second one could be installed in the upper side pond across from the agrarian fountain.
  • We are also investigating applying for a grant from Dane County for free plants from their native plants program which could be planted along the banks and in the stream to help absorb algae feeding nutrients and reduce runoff.  While this means waiting until next year to start the aquatic planting process, it does allow for the possibility for even more cost savings.
  • The neighborhood is utilizing the services of two new stream management companies, “GreenScapes” and “Advanced Aquatic Specialists.”

Budget Impact:

The current stream improvement plan calls for improvements to be spread out over the next 3 to 5 years, allowing for costs to be absorbed within the existing HOA budget.  There are no plans to raise HOA dues to cover these improvements at this time.


Multi-Year plan:

Download this PDF for pictures and detailed description of the plan.

Quick summary:
  • Apply for city grant for fountains and cleanup (Done – awarded $2k)
  • Research the situation and get quotes (Done)
  • Glacial feature intake cleaning (Done)
    • The pump on the glacial feature waterfall was getting clogged, causing the water level to fall and shutoff the pump
  • Spring cleanup (Done)
  • Switch to less harsh chemicals to treat the water  (In progress)
  • Education of neighbors on how to help maintain the stream (In progress)
  • Lower pond pump float repair (Done)
    • The lower retention pond water level was falling due to a broken float valve in the pump system.
  • Add wet well fountain to lower side pond (Done)
  • Apply for County grant for aquatic plants (In progress)
  • Add aquatic plants and stream repair
    • Ten 10 ft swaths of plantings along stream banks
  • Remove & thin tree/brush from bottom pond and replace with shorter, aquatic plant friendly plants
  • Spring cleanup
  • Resurface and repair walking paths throughout neighborhood
  • Assess need to add biofilter to Wet Well / Biofalls feature, and possibly a second biofilter in the other side pond.
2018 & Beyond
  • Assess need to add biofilter
  • Possibly more fountains, budgets permitting
  • Thin and replant plants
    • Aquatic plants can be thinned and spread out elsewhere through the stream and to the other ponds in the neighborhood
  • Spring clean up