There are many small things neighbors can do to help keep algae feeding nutrients from entering the stream


Things you can do to help keep the waterways looking great:

  • Remind kids to not move the rocks along the stream banks, they are there to help prevent erosion.
  • Do not dump grass clippings or other organic material in stream, this feeds the algae.
  • Fertilizer runoff also feeds the algae, so avoid using fertilizers on grassy slopes near the water.
  • The storm drains dump into the stream, so don’t allow leaves, grass clippings, or fertilizer to flow into the drains.
  • Don’t remove aquatic plant life from the stream banks or ponds without checking first.  What may seem to be weeds could actually be important part of the water filtration system. Some of these plants are there to absorb the nutrients that if left in the water lead to algae blooms.
  • Don’t add fish or other animals to the water system without checking first.  Some breeds may lead to worse algae blooms.
  • Make sure to pass this information along to neighbors who may not know it.
  • If you see problems or have questions, just ask.